When To Visit

Chimes TowerBecause of the beach and water activities, Catalina is mostly known as a summer resort with a high season beginning the middle of June and ending the end of September. It is very popular and more crowded during this time. Southern Californians know that the hottest month of the year is September and can continue into October. The island is less crowded and continues its summery weather during this season. We have seen the warm weather extend into November although not reliably so.

When the weather cools in November and through spring, the interior of the island becomes very attractive for walkers, bicyclists and hikers along with painters and photographers. That’s when we are here–enjoying the island nature without the crowds.

It used to be that most restaurants would close during the winter months but it seems an increasing number of people have discovered the so-called off-season. This year, most of the restaurants have been open all year. Every month of the year there is something interesting to do on the island.

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