Where do the wild buffalo of Catalina Island go?  Anywhere they want.

Where does the wild buffalo of Catalina Island go? Anywhere he wants. I shot this as he casually walked passed our jeep


Catalina Island is an incredible world with mountains, the ocean, fascinating plant life, animal life, hiking trails, back country roads, surrounded by 44 miles of beautiful coastline with hidden coves, sandy beaches, underwater gardens, and a fascinating history. Then, when the sun sets, there are plenty of good restaurants, music, entertainment. We’ve been Catalina Island enthusiasts for over 30 years and we still love it.

We’d like to share some photographs from a recent trip into the interior of the island.

On the Track of the Wild Buffalo in the interior of Catalina Island

On the Track of the Wild Buffalo in the interior of Catalina Island


This was the first time we took the Catalina Conservancy Eco Tour and, as you will see, it was special. Because we had explored the interior of the island many times before, we requested, if no one objected, that the tour start on the east end of the island, above Avalon. We wanted to see the ruins of the old Renton Mine, the beginning of the Trans- Catalina Trail, as well as the view west to the Pacific from a high ridge.







Catalina Island Fox. Smaller than a normal fox, they were almost extinct 15 years ago. The Catalina Conservancy has patiently increased their numbers on the Island. This little fellow was posing for me, but I had to use a telephoto lens.






Red dirt roads allow travel by four-wheel drive across the mountainous terrain. Many of the roads were originally built for stagecoaches. For a time, Phineas Banning owned Catalina Island. He made his fortune running stagecoaches in California and as far east as Phoenix. He was also one of the developers of San Pedro.




View of the Casinoa very few people see- from the Interior of Catalona Island



A View of Avalon that very few people see: looking down from the interior mountain at Avalon Bay with the Catalina Casino on your left.






Eagle hospital interior Catalina Island





This Bald Eagle is a patient at the Eagle Hospital of the Catalina Conservancy.

The Conservancy is increasing the number of Bald Eagles on the Island








Eco Tour Jeep on the road in Catalina’s Interior.  The tour begins and ends at the Catalina Island Conservancy in Avalon. The length of the tour varies, depending upon your time, schedule and interests.

Winter scene- Catalina Interior







Island in Winter, waiting for Spring



Road to Airport in the Sky









Colorful gardens at the entrance to Airport in the Sky, where private planes visit.












The amazing thing about Catalina island is that after an exploration of the interior, you

can wrap up the day with a fine meal. Here’s a view table at the Bluewater Grill.